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Why invest in US stocks?

  • The United States is home to some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.
  • By investing in the US you get exposure to the US dollar, the most widely used currency. (source)
  • Investing abroad provides portfolio diversification and may help protect your investments.
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Why invest in ETFs?

  • An ETF’s composition may include stocks, commodities and bonds, for example. A single ETF can provide exposure to hundreds of assets.
  • By investing in an ETF, you can invest in specific industries without having to buy shares from individual companies.
  • Investing in an ETF can be more practical and affordable than owning or trading a variety of equities.
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Why invest in REITs?

  • Investing in REITs can be more practical and affordable than owning or managing real estate.
  • A REIT's portfolio can include shopping centers, hotels and apartment buildings, for example, which may be a way to further diversify your portfolio.

  • REITs must invest in real assets and derive the majority of their income from real estate activities, including rents from properties and interest from mortgages.
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