PIX deposits are now supported on Passfolio!

We are happy to announce that you can now use PIX to fund your Passfolio account! PIX is a new instant and 24/7 transfer method in Brazil, regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank.

With PIX deposits, you won’t need to wait for TED transfer delays when funding your Passfolio account. Please note, however, that BRL deposits made outside business hours (from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM-2:30PM BRT) will only be processed and converted into USD on the next business period.

How do I deposit funds using PIX?

Follow these four easy steps to fund your Passfolio account via PIX transfers:

  1. Open the Passfolio app
  2. Go to the transfer tab and choose “Deposit”
  3. Choose an account to deposit to and select “PIX” as the transfer method
  4. Copy the provided PIX key and use it in your bank app to transfer funds

Keep in mind that PIX transfers are not reversible and the money is transferred instantly (in about 10 seconds). Please be sure to paste the correct keys into you bank app when processing your deposit. 

Does PIX use blockchain technology?

PIX does not use blockchain technology, as it is based on a centralized infrastructure that Brazilian banks can connect to. Instead of using a blockchain, PIX uses the Instant Payment System developed by Brazil’s Central Bank.

Are there transfer limits for PIX?

Brazil’s Central Bank has not imposed transfer limits on PIX transactions, however your bank may have its own policies regarding PIX transfers. 

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¹ Please see our fractional shares disclosure.

² Securities less than $5 cost $0.02/share. Please see our disclosures on other charges.

Please read important legal disclosures that apply to your relationship with Passfolio.

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