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You may have noticed recently we moved from Passfolio.US to - and yes it is true!

First a little background about the name Passfolio - the etymology of Passfolio is Passport + Portfolio. The idea is Passfolio is your global financial passport starting today with US stocks and cryptocurrencies. In the future we plan to add more global assets, banking, and investment services to Passfolio to make it your all-in-one global financial passport. Want to invest in the Nikkei? Use Passfolio. Want to invest in GBP? Use Passfolio. Want a USD credit card? Use Passfolio. Want a Naira loan? Use Passfolio.

Our first domain was highlighting our easy to use app. However as we grew, many people requested a full featured web platform to more easily manage their investments on bigger screens so we created a web platform and switched to Passfolio.US highlighting how we make the US market available to the world.

Recently as we’ve grown exponentially Passfolio investors have become more global and are located in over 150 countries so we have now switched to the standard globally recognizable domain

As always thank you for your amazing support and joining us on our journey to increase financial inclusion by democratizing access to investments and financial services around the world. We believe everyone should have equal access to financial opportunity and we are determined to make that a reality.

Please continue to submit feature requests on our public roadmap - we pay close attention to user feature requests as we know you are the best source of ideas for making Passfolio the best financial service in the world.

Happy investing!


David Gobaud

Founder & CEO


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