How Passfolio maintains user-centric product development

At Passfolio, our ambitions are big. Our goal is to be different from traditional financial services companies: we’re fighting an outdated, expensive system. As part of our mission, we offer commission-free* US stock trading and support fractional shares so you can invest with as little as US$1, no matter how rich you are.

Our app also supports cryptocurrency trading and crypto deposits through Passfolio Financial LLC*. Passfolio Financial’s cryptocurrency support enhances its global reach because cryptos are  borderless assets. For those who don’t know, cryptos can be transacted electronically and are generally not issued by any central authority, which is why they can be used almost anywhere in the world.

Making a difference on a global scale isn’t easy, though. Many of our users have never invested in stocks before, let alone stocks from another country such as the United States. That’s why we spend an incredible amount of time and resources making sure our users’ first experience investing in the US is as good as it can be. 

Offering you a seamless investing experience involves providing great support, educational information and an intuitive platform. Most of all, it’s about listening to what you have to say and focusing on work that can deliver the most value.

Public Product Roadmap

We try to provide transparency to our users and strongly believe that the high quality of our service should be a result of routine feedback from our users. That’s why we’ve made our product roadmap publicly available - there you can see what we’re working on, suggest ideas and even vote on your favorite features so we know what to focus on. 

The product roadmap lets us easily identify what features are in high demand.

Online Surveys & User Interviews 

Whenever we consider launching a new feature, we first start off by refining our idea of what should be done by researching what would be most interesting to our users. Two big things we do in this sense are user interviews and online surveys. 

The online surveys give us the opportunity to collect answers to specific questions we might have. For instance, for a long time we have considered the possibility of offering our users USD debit cards and one thing we are trying to understand is if a virtual debit card would suffice or if a physical card would be required to meet their needs. By asking our users what they think, we can have a better understanding of what offering would be ideal.  

Surveys help us understand what to work on. Most importantly, though, they tell us what not to work on.

User interviews, for their part, serve to help us establish true empathy with our users by actually taking the time to get to know them - who they are, what they love about the product, what they don’t like, and what their goals are. We then compile insights from these interviews and routinely refine certain archetypes of our users, which we call “user personas”. 

These user personas help us keep in mind who we aim to serve and help guide our overall product strategy. See an example below:  

User personas are a core tool for guiding our product strategy


Feedback from Customer Support

Another way in which Passfolio maintains the quality of its service is through its responsive, multilingual support team. By maintaining close contact with our users, we can quickly identify issues, implement bug fixes, adjust design layouts and produce content that answers our users' most frequent questions. Without a doubt, customer support is one of the most important aspects of our service. 

Our support team constantly monitors user satisfaction and the results speak for themselves.


Feature Implementation 

At Passfolio, we believe in an agile approach to product development and seek to roll out improvements weekly. When it comes to new features, we prefer to start off by releasing simplified versions of them and iterate upon what we released over time. After all, you get the most valuable feedback once your solution is out there in the real world.

Below are some of the features we implemented in the last year that are worth mentioning: 

Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP): With Passfolio Pro, you can have your dividends automatically reinvested in your favorite companies! If you choose to activate the Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP*) in your account settings, dividends you earn will be reinvested in the stock that paid you the dividend. 

Tax Reports: Many people who are new to Passfolio get concerned about reporting taxes for their offshore investments. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry - we created monthly capital gains and dividend reports and an annual report to help you file taxes. We’ve also partnered up with Meu Contador, a professional accountant, to create a tax guide with key information you need to know (visit the guide here).

Tax reports are available in the documents section of the account tab.

Search Categories: We know picking the right stock to invest in can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Now Passfolio’s discover screen includes stock categories such as Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, and many more. We hope this will help you invest in the companies you love. 

Instant Deposits: You can choose to make your next deposit instant by clicking on a toggle switch! Keep in mind that there is an additional 0.5% fee (US$1.00 min and US$10 max) for processing the instant deposit. Bank transfer delays may still occur. 

You can enable or disable instant transfers by clicking a switch. How easy can it get?


We’re growing and improving by the day

Passfolio is a relatively small company in an extremely competitive financial industry and our goal to change how things are done is a huge challenge - we’re proposing a faster, cheaper, better way of providing financial services. 

We thank you for every compliment and every complaint. Without your feedback, we’d have no way of directing our efforts and focusing on the tasks that deliver the most value to you, our clients. 

Our impact will continue to grow as our user-base expands and our services improve a day at a time. As long as we continue keeping you at the center of our product strategy, we are confident that great success will follow. 


Invest in US stocks with Passfolio

With Passfolio Securities, you can start investing in US stock with as little as $1 - all with no commission fees¹². We make investing in US assets accessible and even accept local deposit methods such as TEDs. 


Download Passfolio on the App Store or on Google Play. Find out more at 

¹ Please see our fractional shares disclosure.

² Securities less than $5 cost $0.02/share. Please see our disclosures on other charges.

Please read important legal disclosures that apply to your relationship with Passfolio.


*Securities and cryptocurrencies are very different types of assets. Cryptocurrencies are not securities. Purchasing cryptocurrencies comes with a number of risks. Please read Passfolio Financial Cryptocurrency Risk Disclosure. Currency and cryptocurrency exchange services provided by Passfolio Financial LLC, a US Money Services Business registered with FinCEN. Passfolio Financial LLC is not a broker dealer. Cryptocurrencies are not protected by either FDIC or SIPC. Securities products and services offered to self-directed investors through Passfolio Securities LLC Member FINRA / SIPC.  Passfolio Securities, LLC does not provide cryptocurrency-related services. Passfolio Securities LLC is a member of SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). Explanatory brochure available upon request or at Passfolio Securities LLC, Passfolio Financial LLC and Panchain, Inc. are separate but affiliated companies. To purchase securities using cryptocurrencies, you must first convert it into U.S. Dollars using Passfolio Financial LLC. You must then move the U.S. Dollar proceeds to your brokerage account at Passfolio Securities LLC where you can use it to buy securities.


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