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Passfolio is your US stock broker available in over 170 countries. Download our app to invest abroad today with no commission fees.

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just $1

Make small investments in big companies - buy as little as $1 of any asset, even stocks that cost thousands of dollars per share.

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local currency

You don't need a US bank account. - We support your local currency and transfer method so you can even deposit reais via TED.

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Access to
US investments

Invest in American stocks commission-free from
your phone today.

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disclosures on other charges.
commision fees

We are bringing the US stock market to the world! Trade stocks, ETFs, REITs and ADRs without worrying about commission fees

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Support in
your language

Our responsive support team speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. We are always ready to help you in your language with whatever you need.

US Registered

Passfolio is a member of FINRA
and SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members
up to US$500,000 (including
US$250,000 for claims for cash).
Explanatory brochure available upon request or at

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Passfolio in the media:

Logo of Webitcoin

Diversification can be a good strategy to balance your portfolio performance, and investors can now easily diversify their investments and invest in the US using cryptocurrencies.

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Logo of Monitor do mercado

Passfolio also supports local funding and deposit methods making it fast and easy for people to deposit their local currency and get same-day USD credit in their broker account.

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Logo of proshare

Passfolio is starting off 2021 with great news: they just launched its new web platform and aim to attract even more Nigerian investors who want to access the US stock market.

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With the Passfolio app, available in the App Store and in Google Play, Nigerian investors can easily fund their accounts using Naira with local bank transfers.

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Logo of exame

The American broker Passfolio closed a partnership with RB Investimentos to publicize its service to Brazilian investors interested in buying stocks, ETFs and REITs from the United States.

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The offering is a game changer for people all over the world who want access to United States assets.

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Passfolio's expansion has already reached 170 countries and six continents, and a partnership with RB Investimentos was necessary for the company to comply with CVM rules in Brazil.

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Logo of advfn

There’s now a way to invest in the US market with no commission fees, no matter where you are. Passfolio, a new San Francisco fintech, offers global access to US stocks.

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Logo of criptofacil

Passfolio is a San Francisco fintech that is democratizing investment opportunities by creating a unified, global and borderless investment market, starting with the US stock market.

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Logo of Benzinga

Also a large differentiator: Passfolio allows users to purchase securities in dollar amounts, as opposed to share quantities, making investments more accessible to small accounts.

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Investing in US stocks can be easy

Own a piece of the American companies
and brands you love.

ⓘ Please see our fractional shares disclosure

Tap into a new
asset class

If you’re looking for something different, diversify your portfolio with cryptocurrencies through Passfolio Crypto.

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Passfolio Crypto is a United States Money Services Business and is not a member of FINRA. Cryptocurrency investing involves significant risks.

Viewing the GOOG stock price on Passfolio mobile app.
Viewing the technology stock list on Passfolio mobile app.
Buying GOOG stock on the Passfolio mobile app.
Order filled for GOOG stock on Passfolio mobile app.
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Talking with customer support on Passfolio mobile app.
Depositing money on Passfolio mobile app.

Investing in US stocks can be easy

Own a piece of the American companies
and brands you love.

ⓘ Please see our fractional shares disclosure.

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