Help to declare taxes on US investments in Brazil

Worried about not knowing how to declare US investment taxes in Brazil?

If you have or are interested in having US investments, Passfolio is the right American broker-dealer to help you with that. We offer you assistance when it comes to declaring your taxes, to make this process easier for you.

Here’s how Passfolio can help you with that:

Auxiliary reports

  • Annual Report
    In your account, you’ll have access to a full report with guidelines for completing the Individual Income Tax Declaration (Declaração do Imposto sobre a Renda da Pessoa Física – DIRPF)
  • Capital Gain Report
    We provide you with an auxiliary report for declaration of capital gain every month
  • Dividends Report
    Every month, you’ll have access to an auxiliary report for declaration of income received


  • Videos
    We have asked an expert to explain to you how to declare your offshore investments in Imposto de Renda 2020. Meu Contador, a Brazilian accountant, has created 3 videos to show you how to declare your US investments in practice, just for Passfolio users. Check out the videos below or in our YouTube channel.
  • Full tax guide
    We have also prepared a full PDF guide to explain the process of declaring your investments step by step. You can enter your email address below to download it!
The Brazilian tax system has some important rules for investments in international markets. The guide explains what the taxes for investments in the US are and shows you how to file your taxes in IR 2020.

Please keep in mind that the information provided should not be considered legal or tax advice, but just a general overview. Consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific situation.
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Video Tutorial - Part 1

Video Tutorial - Part 2

Video Tutorial - Part 3