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Who is the owner of the stocks when you buy them?

You have all ownership rights and are registered as the beneficial owner of any stock you buy in Passfolio. That means every dividend and all income that comes from the stock is yours.

The stock is held by us as is standard practice in the US. When you buy or sell securities with a US broker such as Passfolio Securities it is held in "street name", which means the broker holds the stock on behalf of the investors*.

*Passfolio is an Introducing broker - we do not hold any of our users' assets directly. Instead, assets are held by our clearing broker partner DriveWealth. Our users are still the owners and beneficiaries of the stock they purchase and have all the rights associated with the assets.


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Passfolio is a product of Passfolio Securities, LLC, an introducing broker, which means that it uses a clearing brokerage for back office...

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