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What is a Stop Order?

A stop order is different from a limit order, or a market order. When an investor wants to buy or sell a stock once a specific price is reached (stop price), a stop order can be a useful option.  It is important to understand that the stop price serves as a trigger, which activates a market order. The market order is executed at the best price available.* A common use of stop orders is to help investors avoid potential losses in case the stock drops to an undesired price. 

*There is no guarantee that if a stop order is triggered, the investor will pay or receive the stop price.


How can I activate Passfolio Pro?

You can activate your Passfolio Pro subscription by following these steps...

How do I enter a Buy Stop Order?

When an investor believes there is a buy opportunity at a given price, which is above current market price, he or she can place a buy stop..

How do I enter a Sell Stop Order?

When an investor wants to protect its position in a given stock, he or she can set a sell stop order with a price below the current market..

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