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What features will I have access to when I subscribe to Passfolio Pro?

Once you subscribe to Passfolio Pro, you will have access to all features in the basic subscription and additional features such as:

  • Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP);
  • Margin;
  • Stop Orders;
  • Interest return on uninvested cash

Also, as a Passfolio Pro user, you'll be the first to access new features as soon as they are rolled out!

For more information on these features, please see our Dividend Reinvestment FAQ, Margin Account Agreement, Margin Risk Disclosure Statement, and FINRA Purchasing on Margin.


What is Passfolio Pro?

Passfolio Pro is a premium subscription service that allows you to up your game with advanced features...

How do I pay for Passfolio Pro?

When you subscribe to Passfolio Pro, you can choose between an annual subscription or a monthly subscription...

How can I activate Passfolio Pro?

You can activate your Passfolio Pro subscription by following these steps...

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