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Stock trading fees

We do not charge commission fees to trade stocks priced US$ 5 or more.

For stocks that are priced below US$ 5, there is a US$ 0.02 charge per share traded. This is a pass-through fee from our clearing broker, we do not profit from it.

Opening, maintaining, and closing your stock account are all free.

Other fees may apply. For further details, please check out our fees here.


Order types we support

We currently accept two types of orders: market orders and limit orders. What are market orders? Market orders are orders that are...

Fund your account

To make a deposit, open your Passfolio app and follow the steps: 1) Click on Transfer; 2) Click on Deposit; 3)Click on Deposit to account...

Canceling pending orders

Orders can be canceled in the History section of your Account menu in some specific cases...

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