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How can I Increase my Margin Available?

To increase the margin available just add funds or securities to your account. Here are all the available methods of deposits: 


If you have $2,000 equity in your stock account, you can invest up to $2,000 with margin. If you increase your equity to $3,000 by depositing $1,000, your available margin will typically increase to $3,000.

Please note that the Interest Margin Rate can change without notice given market conditions.


What are the risks involved with Margin Trading?

Before investing with Margin, it's important to keep in mind the additional risks and responsibilities it carries...

What is the interest rate on the money I borrow?

The margin interest rate charged on the money you borrow in your Margin account is...

How can I activate Passfolio Pro?

You can activate your Passfolio Pro subscription by following these steps...

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