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How can I activate Passfolio Pro?

You can activate your Passfolio Pro subscription by following these steps:

1. Go to the top left Menu;

2. Click on "Passfolio Pro";

3. Press "Try 30 days for free"*;

4. Read the margin agreement and activate the plan if you meet the requirements and agreed to the terms**;

5. Choose the subscription plan: annual or monthly - but don't worry, you will only be charged once the 30-day trial period ends, so make sure you have enough cash in your account to pay for the subscription by then;

6. Slide to confirm.

And done, you are now a Pro user! 

*Please see our disclosures on other charges

**This won't activate Margin Trading in your account. In order to do that, please see this article.

*Passfolio Pro is a subscription program managed by Panchain Inc. Passfolio Pro’s currency and cryptocurrency exchange services are provided by Passfolio Financial LLC (“Passfolio Crypto”), a US Money Services Business registered with FinCEN. Passfolio Pro’s securities products and services are offered to self-directed investors through Passfolio Securities LLC Member FINRA / SIPC. Passfolio Pro’s investment advisory services are offered through Passfolio Advisers, LLC, a registered investment adviser registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).


What is Passfolio Pro?

Passfolio Pro is a premium subscription service that allows you to up your game with advanced features...

What features will I have access to when I subscribe to Passfolio Pro?

Once you subscribe to Passfolio Pro, you will have access to all features in the basic subscription and additional features such as...

How do I pay for Passfolio Pro?

When you subscribe to Passfolio Pro, you can choose between an annual subscription or a monthly subscription...

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