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Crypto trading fee discount for MOBI holders

Passfolio users can get the below crypto trading fee discounts by holding Mobius (MOBI) tokens*. If you hold MOBI you can register your Mobius address in Passfolio by going to Account -> Settings -> MOBI Discount. You will be shown a Data Value that you must copy and set as the Passfolio data value on your MOBI address. You can do this using the Stellar Laboratory Transaction Builder:

  1. Enter your MOBI address as the Source Account.
  2. Click the “Fetch next sequence number…” button.
  3. Operation Type - select Manage Data.
  4. Entry Name - enter Passfolio.
  5. Entry Value - paste the Data Value shown from Passfolio.
  6. Click Sign in Transaction Signer at the bottom.
  7. Scroll down and enter your Secret Key or if you have a Ledger Wallet click Sign with BIP Path.
  8. Click Submit in Transaction Submitter.
  9. Click Submit Transaction.
  10. Return to Passfolio, enter your MOBI Address, and click Verify.

All done!

MOBI Balance (USD)

Crypto Trading Fee Discount























*The MOBI token is a product created by Mochi, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Passfolio Financial, LLC’s parent company Panchain, Inc. MOBI are only for use in the Mobius DApp Store. MOBI are not available for purchase, use, trading, or storage in Passfolio. There is no way to buy, use, trade, or store MOBI in Passfolio. The Passfolio crypto trading fee discounts are calculated based on the USD value of MOBI held in the linked MOBI Wallet at the time crypto trading fees are charged. If the MOBI Address Data Value does not match the expected value when the trading fee is charged no discount is given. This discount is not available to US citizens or residents. Passfolio can terminate this discount program at any time without notice.


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