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At Passfolio, we try to help people achieve their financial freedom. However, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are even more pressing issues - tens of millions of Brazillians are facing hunger or food insecurity and Covid-19 is killing thousands everyday.

That’s why we are donating all of our May 2021 cryptocurrency revenue to charities in Brazil. We wish we could do more.

Our Story

Passfolio was launched little over a year ago and since then we’ve been recognized by people from around the world as a way to diversify their investments with US stocks and cryptocurrencies.

We are extremely grateful to be a part of this global community and look forward to many more years of providing greater access to investment opportunities.

Given the current Covid-19 crisis Brazil is now
facing, we want to help however we can.

That’s why we have decided to donate all May 2021 cryptocurrency revenue to charities in the country.

Get to know the
4 Selected charities

Every week we will split the cryptocurrency trading revenue and user donations between four selected charities in Brazil

We strongly believe in giving back

Investing is not only about making money but also about broadening possibilities. If you’d like to donate to the campaign and increase our impact just login to Passfolio’s web platform or mobile app and click the Donate Now button. You can also help by doing three things:


Retweet our campaign announcement and ask other Brazilian fintechs and cryptocurrency companies to join us on this mission.

Invite friends to join you in donating to this cause, either directly or by trading crypto on Passfolio. You can invite them to create an account with your referral link and you can each earn up to $100 in stock*.

Trade and invest in crypto on Passfolio Crypto! We will donate the fees related to any crypto order you place throughout May. Create an account and start today if you haven’t yet!


Join the movement

The COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign is offered by Passfolio Financial (“PF”). PF is not affiliated with any of the above charities.
*Referred persons will need to open an account prior to donating.